We hope that you are all taking care in this confusing and crazy time.

Following new UK regulations we are shipping out orders as and when we can,

so keep ordering ‘cuz your things will be coming to you - we just don’t know the exact days.

This whole thing sucks, but we will beat it.

We’ll keep you updated when we’re preparing your order by email.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Fearless Fam for supporting our small business through this scary time.

We want to reassure you that we are taking all necessary steps to follow official advice.

Our priority is the safety of our customers and employees.

We are keeping things running as normal as possible for you, so you can carry on ordering

and receiving your goodies.

Deliveries will take longer as we are working with (literally) one person but you will get your orders!

Let’s face it, it’s these little rewards that will help keep everyone upbeat and positive.

We hope everyone is looking after their physical and mental health,

so stay connected, look after each other, and keep fighting.

Ohh, 'and do the next right thing'.

Be kind, be safe, and keep being you. ♥